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So Soft Baby Skin

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Your sweetie pie is tiny and wiggly. Baby needs you TLC 24/7. Days are flying by and nights are passing with a small amount of rest. You get your shower when you can.

You have probably heard that a baby does not need too many baths. Sometimes a quick wipe down with a soft washcloth is all that is needed to keep the little one fresh and clean. Too many bathing products and overexposure to water can dry out that delicate skin. If you start noticing rashes or anything similar to eczema, speak with your doctor. Eczema is when there is skin peeling, but also red, dry patches of skin. Babies can get this in their first six months of life. According to VeryWell Health, long baths in too hot of water can wash away some of the skin’s naturally present oils.

Doctors Voice In

Many doctors will recommend topical lotions and to switch laundry detergents. It is best to avoid irritating the skin by using unscented detergents, fabric softeners, and soaps. And don't worry if there is some newborn skin peeling and flakiness. Dry skin on your baby's face is perfectly normal if it is just a little here and there. Newborns have flaky skin because they are no longer protected by the coating of vernix caseosa that they had in mommy's womb. Head to the doctor if you suspect that your little one's skin condition should be evaluated.

Moisturizing Regimen

Keeping bath times to a minimum will be helpful to maintaining your infant's soft skin. Each day, gently use a moisturizer on their body, focusing on their face, hands, and scalp. Now that we are heading into fall and winter, don't skimp on the moisturizers. Dry, cold air can pull moisture from skin.

Staying Hydrated

It may seem like your baby is feeding constantly, but that is what he/she needs. Staying hydrated with mama's milk or a formula keeps his/her skin soft.

Brands We Love

For eczema, we recommend products that are hypoallergic and fragrance-free such as Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream. Healthline has also put out a list of best creams for 2022 which includes CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Cream (not greasy at all!) and Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Creme for 24 hours of relief! Aquaphor also has a really great product- Baby Healing Ointment. It might be a little greasier than the other, but the ointment is raved about by moms that say it helps work wonders for their little ones' diaper rashes.

We would love to hear your soft skin recommendations in the comments below!

Standing Behind Our Selection

At La Flor, we use Huggies diapers in our diaper cakes because we know that as a new parent, Huggies diapers will give your child the best protection. Not to mention Huggies has a great fit for curvature. Say bye-bye to skin irritations from other brands that get too snug and scrub sensitive skin. Products used on our diaper cakes are high quality. You may request a diaper cake made with some cloth diapers added in. You may also request that all diapers on the cake be cloth diapers. We are happy to accommodate. Pricing will vary depending on which type of diapers you would like incorporated in your cake.

Shop now for your perfect diaper cake and don't forget to tag us with your diapers from La Flor!

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