Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of diapers do you use?

We only use Huggies due to their great protection for babies and our positive experience while using them with our child. If you would like for us to use a different brand, please communicate that when discussing your order.

What is required for custom orders?

We require a non-refundable 50% downpayment for all custom orders before starting. The remainder of the cost will be due after completion.

What is the turn around time for custom orders?

Generally most orders will take 1.5 to 2 weeks to complete and deliver to the customer. Depending on what is being ordered, it could take a little longer.

Do you ship? If so, where?

Yes. We ship to anywhere in the United States and Canada. There is a flat fee required at checkout.

Do you offer custom bulk orders?

Yes, we offer custom bulk orders. All bulk orders require a 60% non-refundable down payment of total cost before starting. Once the order is complete, the rest of the cost will be due. Anything over 2 custom items will be considered a bulk order.

Are all diaper cakes made with one size diapers? How many diapers?

We use size one diapers for all diaper cakes, but the size can be interchangeable for custom orders. 1 Tier - 22 Diapers 2 Tier - 35 Diapers 3 Tier - 45 Diapers As the diaper size increases, the number of diapers used might decrease due to being a larger size.

What can a diaper cake be used for?

Diaper cakes can be gifted to mothers or be used as a centerpiece for baby showers. A diaper cake continues to gift through the first stages of growth for newborns which is essential. A mother will continue to need diapers and baby accessories.

Can I buy products on your website?

Yes, you can purchase on our website through mobile or desktop devices.

Do I have to provide the diapers?

Absoulutely not. We have everything needed to create the perfect gift for you.