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Preparing Your Diaper Bag

Your diaper bag needs to be packed with the essentials so you can be on the move with baby.

Preparing you diaper bag strategically will help you be ready at all times. One thing to consider would be a changing pad. Changing pads often are included in the purchase of a diaper bag. They are foldable pads that can be placed on a surface for quick diaper changes. It provides a clean, protective layer between the baby and the surface you are changing them on.

Don't Forget The Paci & Everything Else

If your baby is fussy, you will definitely want to pack their favorite pacifier and also bring an extra pacifier in addition in case one is lost or dropped. One toy can be packed and maybe a teething ring. When you are shopping our diaper cakes, you will notice that several cakes have teething rings and pacifiers incorporated into them.

Packing a couple pair of baby socks are also a good idea. They do not take up much room in your bag and really come in handy for your baby. Socks keep your otherwise barefoot baby warm and also may serve as shoes.

Diaper supply in your diaper bag is a complete must have! Think of how many times you change your baby in a day. Make sure that the diapers you choose to pack are ones that fit your baby's curvature and that will keep from having unexpected leaks while you are on the move away from home.

A pack a baby wipes during travels will not only come in handy for wiping their bottoms but also for cleanups for their face and hands.

If your baby is on any medications, bring those with you. Would you take your thermometer with you?

Pack enough bottles for the road and if you have to breastfeed away from home, make sure you have your pump and anything that helps keep the situation private and without mess. A burp cloth is important for any spit up while the baby is feeding.

How Do You Pack?

How would you compartmentalize your diaper bag? Several compartments allow you to fully enjoy the multi-functional bags for storing milk bottles, clothing, diapers, and more. Would you consolidate your purse's goods to the diaper bag? Some diaper bags allow you a section to carry your wallet and phone together in a compartment.

On The Go

Your diaper bag is essential to your daily life on the go with a baby. What qualities are most important to you when picking out a diaper bag and what do you consider as a must have in your diaper bag?

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