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Over-The-Top Baby Showers

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Some of us ladies like to have a small get together to enjoy a baby shower. We invite our closest friends, family, neighbors and celebrate new life to soon join our world. And that's a beautiful, fun time for all. And then there's the even more intimate showers- invite only and limited to 10-20 people or less. Some expectant moms just long for that more low key feel with more privacy. Less people means less cleaning up afterwards too! Am I right?!

BUT! For others.. THIS! This is the time to go ALL OUT! We are talking about pregnant women that want their baby showers to be as big (if not bigger) than their wedding day!

Can you imagine it?! Hundreds of balloons. Flower walls. A venue reserved before your first trimester is barely over.

We have put together a list of must haves to really go above and beyond for your little baby still tumbling around in your belly.

Event planner/stylist.


New York mamas don't skip on a private event at Bottino. As they say, "The garden is open."

Closer to Elkton, MD? Check out Rosewood Farms for a rustic + modern feel.

All you San Diego ladies, check out Hatched Collective! It does NOT disappoint!

Another dreamy venue is hosting at the Conservatory Room in the Madison Hotel. If you're in the Morristown, NJ area, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO SLAY! So classy!

Cincinatti women! Thisss one is for YOU! The Confetti Room.

Designer cake! How precious is this tasty cake by Ana Vargas?! Another really great choice for a cake designer is Cakes By Madeline.

Professional Photographer. Um, hello to Cristian Genao Photo & Films.

Backdrops that stun every guest. Balloons by Zeppelin Balloons!

Custom invites.

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