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Baby Formula Shortage

The 2022 baby formula shortage has been wreaking havoc even into this new year. Parents of babies needing this very important formula continuously worry about how they can feed their child. For the women that do not have breastfeeding as an option, they have had to borrow other mothers' milk supplies.

A spokesperson for Emfamil states that these sad shortages of crucial formula will continue into the spring.

Frantic parents have to become resourceful and contact family and friends in neighboring and sometimes distant communities to get their hands on the formula. Multiple Facebook groups have been created to share and post where they have seen formula in stock or tagging a woman that may be able to share her breastmilk supply.

And even when there is hope that there is formula in stock, not all formulas work for all babies. Premature babies need different ingredients than others. Some babies are allergic to specific brands for whatever reason. Also, keep in mind that most store that do have formula options in stock, there are limits placed on how many cans can be purchased.

There are babies with feeding difficulties that require specialty formulas. Parents are lucky when their child can tolerate sensitive formula in addition to hypoallergenic now, so they have options if they are in dire need.

One mother on TikTok mentioned that when her son was a few months old, he saw a pediatric gastroenterologist. The doctor recommended to try Nutramigen, which is like a first step hypoallergenic formula. It was the first formula that the baby was able to keep down. The drawback is that it is pretty expensive. Parents will spend right around $40 for a 12 ounce can of Nutramigen.

Parents also need to be aware of any formula recalls that are happening.

According to an article on MSN, it reads, "In July of last year, Congress passed the Formula Act which removed tariffs from imported formula. That act expired at the end of the year, and the imported formula could soon be more expensive for stores to stock, if it isn't already."

Read more about this terrible shortage at the links below.

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