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What Size Diapers Does My Baby Need?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Your new infant will feel so small in your arms those first few weeks out of your womb. Tiny fingers and ten tiny, adorable toes to just melt your heart. You can't help but smile. Your baby girl or boy is sleeping so much and that glider rocking chair is becoming your favorite piece of furniture too.

Growing Up

One week you don't see too much change and then the next, you are at the changing station getting your little one cleaned up and into a new diaper. That's when you notice the Size N or the Size 1 are just a little too snug. You want to make sure that the diaper is comfy for your baby to wiggle around in but not too loose that there might be some leakage.

Online, Pampers has done a great job setting out the chart on what to expect with their diaper sizing. You can see it here.

Huggies also does a great job explaining how to tell the different signs of when to size up in diapers. For instance, if there is difficulty connecting the diaper tabs then bump up a size. Also, a good fitting diaper remains right below the belly button so if it is much lower, your little one needs a bigger size.

Baby Shopping

La Flor looks forward to creating you a customized diaper cake. When you contact and/or submit your order, be sure to request the appropriate size. We not only do diaper cakes for newborns, but also you can request for preemies or babies needing Sizes 2-6. We have you covered. If you'd like a little variation in sizes, we can accommodate as well. Your baby is going to grow up right before your eyes and we would love to be a part of those sweet stages.

Happy shopping!

P.S. Don't forget to tag us with your cake and the diapers from La Flor. #LaFlorBaby

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