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Upcoming Baby Shower

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Some of us ladies like to have a small get-together to enjoy a baby shower. We invite our closest friends, family, neighbors and celebrate new life to soon join our world. And that's a beautiful, fun time for all. And then there's the even more intimate showers- invite only and limited to 10-20 people or less. Some expectant moms just long for that more low key feel with more privacy. Less people mean less cleaning up afterwards too! Am I right?!

BUT! For others.. THIS! This is the time to go ALL OUT! We are talking about pregnant women that want their baby showers to be as big (if not bigger) than their wedding day!

Can you imagine it?! Hundreds of balloons. Flower walls. A venue reserved before your first trimester is barely over. Time flys and planning as far in advance helps! We get it.

We have put together a list of must haves to really go above and beyond for your little baby still tumbling around in your belly.

Event Planner/Stylist.

Ladies, Sweet Giraffe Events in LA has you covered as your go-to event planner. Ready to create forever memories? Book them for your upcoming baby shower!


New York mamas don't skip on a private event at Bottino. As they say, "The garden is open."

In Garwood, New Jersey we have Zenith's Event venue or in East Orange there is Luxe Loft which has exquisite space and open concept.

Mamas in Houston, check out ZS Event Hall. This venue offers an intimate atmosphere, but you must have an appointment to view.

Knoxville mommies, you can enjoy the special baby shower day at the Pavilion at Hunter Valley Farm (now booking 2023).

Designer cake!

How precious are the cakes by Baranowski Bakery in Illinois?

And in east Tennessee, you can get a special designed cake by Avy Harrell of Avy's Cakes.

Professional Photographer.

Um, hello to Houston's family and event capturer Min Photography Studio (also does maternity shoots!) and Lily Tapia Photography in Newport Beach.

Backdrops You'll LOVE!

Balloons by Capable Balloons in Fresno! They do amazing balloon installs and backdrops. As they say, "minimalistic, but extra." ;)

Serving NYC and New Jersey, we love what Melany of Melitas Balloons creates. She has rentals, garlands, and bouquets for you to pick from also!

Swank Floral of Knoxville is a boutique studio creating florial artistry rooted in heart.

Custom invites.

Katie Johnson of Katie Made That is a lettering artist in Austin, TX. You can have her design custom invites or Joytations on Etsy. Joytations also has baby shower games you might want to snag before the event.

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