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Two Under Two

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

You’ve had one baby and your hands are full. You’re finally getting the hang of parenthood and now you just found out that you have another on the way. How will you parent to two children under two? Having your first child, you've been feeling like you're having to learn SOOO many things with your partner. You get down the basics in the best way you can. Finally learning about sleep schedules and about feeding times. It might have taken trial and error which way of feeding your baby works best- whether that be breast milk or using a formula. As a new mama, your hands are full and you’re constantly looking after your baby making sure he/she is safe and healthy. With another on the way you’re thinking about how much attention you can give your firstborn while also catering to the second.

There are some advantages to having kids close in age. You’re getting your experience locked down as well as you’ll be able to use some of your favorite tips and tricks on the next one.

That stroller might need to be upgraded to a two-seater so it's more convenient when you're on the go. You purchase another car seat. Those favorite toys and outfits will be perfect for your new baby to use.

What to stash? Hmmmm.

Pros and cons of this double stroller explained in the video below. What do you think of the configuration?

You Got This, Mama

You can definitely survive having two kids under two years old. Do you remember the feeling when you found out you were expecting a second child so early on after giving birth? Did you cry? Were you shocked holding your first born? Many women find it hard to believe how easy and quick conceiving another can be.

We Are All In This Together

You do not have to handle it with a whole lot of grace and strength. You have to find the goodness in it. You do not have to be an expert by any means, either! Talk with other moms going through the same. You will find relief talking about the lifestyle and sharing notes.

Remember Mama, you are so capable of each and every challenge these kiddos bring. One really helpful way of getting through the first months with baby number two is to wear your baby. When your baby is wrapped around you, you can use your hands! When you are not wearing the little one, having a good rest spot for your baby like a lounger or swing comes in ultra helpful.

Firstborn Is A Baby Too

Remember that your older child is still a baby too! They need a lot of attention but also being patient with them is so important. Just because they are older, does not mean they understand and can correct themselves. Be aware of your demeanor all throughout the day. How you act towards the older one needs attention.

What are some tips and tricks that you’ve heard from parents with young children very close in age?

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