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Tips For Newborn Sleepy Time

Updated: May 20, 2023

Getting your newborn's sleep schedule underway is a tall task. We have put together some helpful tips that you can keep in mind for your newborn to get the best rest.

Make sure your baby is truly awake. It can be really, really confusing as a new parent knowing when your baby is in need of sleep. Did you know that newborn babies enter light sleep, and it looks like they’re awake. There is moving around, and they are making lots of noises, but their eyes are closed, and the eyes are moving underneath their eyelids. Their breath gets really deep. During their light sleep, your baby is more likely to be accidentally woken up. And unlike us adults, a newborn's sleep cycle is only around 40 minutes. Your baby will kind of wake up for a short period of time, so we want to make sure that they truly awake when we’re picking them up so make sure that they are genuinely crying. Babies only wake from sleep for three reasons- if they are hungry, they have soiled their diaper, or they are no longer tired. Choose one of our diaper cakes for over 30 backup diapers that you can enjoy on display before pulling one of them when duty calls.

The Right Temperature & Darkness- Set The Mood

Make sure the baby's nursery is cool around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to dress them appropriately for the temperature of the room. You can swaddle the baby for extra coziness and that kind of mimics how they felt safe in the womb.

Our next blog will talk about the best swaddles and how to wrap and swaddle the baby. A baby can get too stimulated when it is time to sleep if the room is not dark enough. We recommend using a white noise machine that is continuous and consistent because it is calming to newborns. It can play throughout the whole nap- something soothing like a rainfall or waterfall.

Crib & Mattress

Your baby's crib mattress should be a comfy place and we put together a blog you can check out now. Your newborn needs a mattress that exceeds US safety standards.

Baby nursery

Different Than We Think

We are ALL about empowering women and parents and families to get a good sleep because everybody’s mental health depends on it. As a new parent, you have probably assumed that if you can get my baby good and tired then he/she will sleep better. But babies are not like us in that way. Actually, when it comes to newborn babies, the more they sleep, the better they sleep, the more they will sleep.

Putting Them Into The Crib

We find that the best way to not wake up your newborn when you put them in the crib is to lower them on their side and then flip them to their back. Also, keep a hand on their belly for a few moments after laying them down.

Want to read our blog on extending sleepy time? Check it out here!

You can't overprepare with too many diapers! Ask us about cakes with cloth diaper options too! Have a great week!

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