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TikTok Babies- We Laughed Until We Cried At This Trend

We have been full of laughs and giggles these last few days keeping up with the latest trend to hit the Internet! Have you seen the baby unboxing videos yet? Move over ladies doing makeup hauls and outfit try-ons. The latest craze is baby unboxing.

Starting on TikTok and now spreading all over Facebook, we are seeing moms and dads unboxing their newborns and infants as if they were packaged and delivered. Most videos come with hilarious commentary. As someone would mention the packaging conditions and overall product review of anything else they were unveiling on video, the babies are being revealed in the cutest ways. The reveals come with some pretty comedic reviews too.

Some of our favorite commentary is when TikTok star @thedavisfamily.4 posted the viral video where he stated, "I just got him about two months ago... good quality hair. Overall, he's a pretty good baby until he's hungry. I recommend babies for any family."

Daddy @shaddye23 on TikTok reviewed his baby boy at the end of February. "Took about 34 and a half weeks to come, you know much like your Amazon packages. They usually get delivered a little bit early." Speaking over that adorable head of hair, he mentions, "When he takes a bath, his hair turns curly."

We also cried laughing at a short video @daniellefraser14 posted about her niece on TikTok. She said, "I've had her for about four months...She could use a little bit more hair." She then continued with, "Took about nine months to deliver, but 10/10 would recommend."

Another video that really cracked us up was from @zarielgray on TikTok. She said, "I have the boy version... I would recommend the boy version." She also added, "For me, I got the breastfed version." When it came to delivery, she stated her baby took 41 weeks to arrive. If you are looking to join in on the fun of #newbabyreview and #babyreview then don't forget to feature a diaper cake from La Flor. We would love to be a part of your funny video. Our diaper cakes are a cute play on words. We are now looking for influencers to collaborate with.

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