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Swaddling Your Baby

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Here are some resourceful articles to pull information from about safely swaddling your baby and getting the tucks just right.

Check out this tutorial that promotes safe sleep.

Enjoy these precious first months with your newborn infant and make note that the first 6 months of life, babies should only sleep on the back. According to Happiest Baby, "If your baby can roll, you should stop swaddling the arms."


The ultimate benefit for you baby being swaddled is that it is a relatively close mimicking the snug environment of the womb.

Babies have easily triggered startle reflexes, so being swaddled limits the reflexes and provides for sleep that isn't woken.

It is also a way to keep your baby warm. Snuggled and swaddled keeps their temperature just right.

Top Picks

Check out our top picks for swaddles.

Safari Organic Muslin Swaddle Set | Pottery Barn Kids -- Breathable organic material! LOVE!

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