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Oh, Boy? Oh, Girl?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

What gives you baby fever? Funny online videos of little toddlers? The diaper commercials? Your neighbors' newborn strolling down the street? Whatever it may be, we totally get it. Babies make life more interesting and we open our hearts to new life so easily. And for so many, motherhood comes like a second nature. You want to deliver a healthy baby and that is all that matters to you and your partner. But in your heart, mind, and dreams, there is one gender that always comes to mind first. Are you thinking of a baby girl or a baby boy?

Whichever gender you know or have your hopes set out for, La Flor is happy to decorate the diaper cake to suit your needs. We can do very gender specific cakes and also some mommies like to keep things gender neutral and that's okay too! Some of our most recent requests have been gender reveal diaper cakes.

Is the suspense driving you crazy? Healthline states that most doctors schedule an ultrasound at around 18 to 21 weeks to determine the sex of your baby. In the earliest cases, an ultrasound is clear enough to show signs of the baby's sex as early as 14 weeks. So book your appointment as soon as you want if you absolutely cannot wait any longer. However at 14 weeks, if your baby is in an awkward position, it may be hard to tell.

There are actually some pretty well known tendencies that happen when carrying a baby boy compared to a baby girl. When a woman carries high, she is usually expecting a girl. If the bump hangs low, she is expecting a boy. You might not have experienced morning sickness if you are carrying a boy. If the baby's heart rate is over 140 beats per minute, you might be expecting a little girl. Women craving sweets are said to be more likely to be having a girl and if mommy-to-be craves foods that are salty or sour, she is expecting a boy. You can check out other indicating signs here. Order a diaper cake from La Flor to display your gender reveal at the baby shower and enjoy a creation made just for your little one! Everyone will have all eyes on you unpackaging the cake. We decorate it on the inside with the gender colors hidden in the depths so everyone is surprised! Happy shopping! P.S. Don't forget to tag us with your cake and the diapers from La Flor. #LaFlorBaby

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