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New Moms- EVERYTHING Is Happening Quickly!

Happy, Happy, Happy

It's happening! You are so beyond excited to be expecting your first baby! You are experiencing so many feelings and a whole bunch of happiness. SO. MANY. HORMONES. You've called and told ALL your family and bestest friends. You have found out the baby's gender, have been following doctors orders, taking your vitamins, and have the nursery set up by month five. Maybe you've Googled "what to expect when you're expecting" a few dozen times too. You feel a little exhausted and full of energy all at the same time all the time. Sound about right? And how amazing is it following along week by week at the growth of your baby? From the size of a grape at nine weeks to a mango at twenty three weeks and then a pineapple at thirty three weeks. Awwww. We are in our feels! Grow, baby, grow!

What's Next?

You and your closest bestie have spent a few weeks jotting down baby shower ideas. You can't decide the theme but you know you want it to be really, really cute and the list of guests will receive the cutest RSVP invites from Hallmark. You've set up your baby registry at the local baby boutique and also at Target.

Prepared For Baby's Arrival

La Flor would be happy to be a part of your new journey into mamahood. At La Flor, we have several diaper cakes for you to choose from. Get ideas from our online store. Don't see exactly what you want? No worries! Sit down and pop your feet up! You can message us or give us a call to discuss a special theme, color schemes, and more. Not knowing the gender of your baby because you want to leave it a surprise? We have got you covered with gender neutral options too. You can expect outstanding customer service, a one of a kind diaper cake, and shipping to your door within a matter of days.

P.S. Don't forget to tag us with your diapers from La Flor. #LaFlorBaby

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