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In Mommy's Arms

Oh baby, baby. Your snuggles on your mommy's chest are invaluable. It's a feeling she has longed for forever. You are her complete world. Little toes and fingers squirm around as she listens to the light cooing sounds. Holding you is total and complete euphoria. Bonding moments day after day are so intense and love develops more and more. There's an overwhelming sense of love and affection. Warm and fuzzy feelings are all over the place. You two are inseparable.

You hold your baby swaddled in softest materials and other times they cuddle in their birthday suit. When your baby needs his or her bottom covered, you pick out a diaper that fits comfortably. You choose a diaper that is leak proof. You choose a diaper that doesn't cut into that delicate baby skin or leave rashes on that soft skin. You can absolutely be confident when your baby wears a diaper that was part of a La Flor diaper cake, you and your baby's outfits are protected from messes.

At La Flor, we use Huggies diapers because we know that as a new parent, Huggies diapers will give your child the best protection along with a great fit for curvature. Your baby is covered from leaks whether being held, sitting, standing, or laying down to sleep.

Our diaper cakes use high quality products. You may request a diaper cake made with some cloth diapers added in. You may also request that all diapers on the cake be cloth diapers. We are happy to accommodate. Pricing will vary depending on which type of diapers you would like incorporated in your cake.

Having issues with keeping your baby still while changing his/her diaper? You can check out tips and learn how to manage the process with ease.

We pride ourselves on providing great customer service where you will always be our number on priority. We can't wait to get your order and follow your journey of spoiling babies and making memories. Shop now and don't forget to tag us with your diapers from La Flor! #LaFlorBaby

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