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Hello, September- Safety Tips Welcome

It's that time of the year again. Fall is in the air and September is Baby Safety Month. We wanted to share with our mommies the different ways to prepare and continually implement safety precautions for the little ones. We are here to spread some awareness. Our biggest priority preparing and being around a baby is keeping the little ones safe. Check out these thoughtful reminders, precautions and safety measures big and small to check off your to do list.

Baby proof all throughout your home- from electrical sockets that are exposed to blind cords that could get tangled and tied.

Poisonous plants- keep out of reach of children. A plant is a plant, right? Nope, some can be harmful to kids. Touching or eating a dangerous plant can cause skin irritations and/or a bad stomach. The Bump has you covered with their list of 14 Poisonous Plants for Kids. Would you have known that your gorgeous Easter Lily can irritate the mouth and throat and even cause nausea or vomiting when swallowed? Yep! And those Oleanders in your garden actually have a lethal cardiac toxin.

Secure furniture and TVs from tipping over. It may be time to securely mount your flat screen TV to the wall for better safety with that crawling baby. Tip overs with dressers are possible when not anchored down properly. Curious toddlers love to climb so drawers of furniture or even your stove storage is a place your baby may try to climb up. How do you childproof by anchoring unstable furniture and appliances? First, secure one anchor or bracket to the wall. Next, attach a second anchor or bracket to your piece of furniture. Then you can link the two anchors together.

Make sure the car seat is secured and safe for baby. If you need an extra set of eyes to make sure your car seat is setup correctly in your vehicle, you can swing by the local fire department to get it checked. You can get baby car mirrors too to keep an eye out on baby while driving.

Baby monitors come in handy no matter the time of day. You can be in one part of your home while your baby sleeps in the other. Good Housekeeping has put together a list of baby monitors that have received the best reviews this year. You want that peace of mind and these deliver it! Pick one that allows for audio AND video monitoring. We are really digging how you can pan the lens on the Spaceview S Video Monitor by EUFY.

Bath time is a special time to be with your child. Never leave your baby unattended in a bathroom as he/she could slip and fall or down in the tub bath. You can make your bathroom safer by adding runs to prevent slipping on wet tile floors. Always check the temperature of the running water to make sure the water will not scald your baby. Any child under five years of age should have supervision in the bathroom. Make sure bath toys are drying out properly and not growing mold and bacteria inside. Also, keep an eye out to make sure your child is not digesting any very small bath toys or toy parts.

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