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Feeling Fantastic During Pregnancy

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

There are so, so many things that you may not feel motivated to do when you are expecting a baby. However, feeling tired may come in waves. Maybe an extra hour or two in bed on the weekend is habit. (We don't blame you one bit.) Every now and again you get this surge to paint the baby's nursery or go shopping for that changing station you have been eyeing on Pinterest. Whatever gets you up and moving, it is best to make notes of how you feel in a journal. You can notate how your body is changing by the week and what feelings you are going through. This personal time to self reflect is a great way to stay in tune with your body as it carries precious life inside your tummy.

Feeling fantastic outside of the morning sickness and "ugh, these yoga pants won't fit me anymore!" is possible. We have included a few fun items, a few relaxing activities, and some spare time go-to pursuits.


It is such a nice treat to yourself to shop for yourself. You wait weeks trying to keep squeezing in your regular clothes until the baby pops that button at last. A trip to Target or even an at home Amazon search can really lift your mood. You deserve all the nicest and most comfy. Already set on clothing? How about some new makeup to glam up for an alcohol-free G.N.O. (Girls Night Out)?!


Millions of expectant women cited that yoga and meditation helped then stay calm, cool, and collected while carrying their little ones. Pick a time of day and practice breaths and/or baby-friendly yoga positions or do them at random if needed.

Outdoors O2

Fresh air. We think it is safe to say that we could all use a little more time spent outdoors. Seeing and experiencing your outer environment is good for your body. You know you want to stroll that baby once it is here. Take time to get acquainted with the best neighborhood or park walkways.

Your Partner

More time with your man. Your man is probably experiencing a few of the same symptoms you do while expecting. He's anxious, excited, nervous, planning, and all that. He is not carrying the baby physically like you are... but he needs some intimate moments with the growing bump too. Invite him to talk to the baby and invite him to feel when the baby kicks and flips around in your tummy. Trust us, when you see his eyes lighting up from the movements, you will be so happy.

Comment below your favorite things to do to help your mood and stay healthy before baby is born.

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