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Extending Sleepy Time

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

As a new mom, you may struggle with you and your baby's sleeping schedules. Maybe you have an almost five-month-old that is not sleeping enough. Her naps are only thirty minutes and not sleeping longer than a four hour stretch at night. You were up every three hours last night! You're desperate for sleep at this point and considering letting her cry it out. You never wanted to but you, daddy, and baby have got to break this cycle.

Ask And You Shall Receive Advice

You turn to your friends and family for support, ask the doctor, ask mommy groups, and such. Each gives you different tips. Below we break down some helpful solutions that will allow you and the family more zzz's.

Some moms say that at 4 months old, a baby is able to be sleep trained. Have you heard or tried the Ferber method of sleep training? It is when the parent checks in periodically on their crying baby in the crib. It is a way of letting the child self-soothe his/her way back to sleep when he/she wakes up. Do these periodic check-ins in intervals that increase over time. This method shows baby that you are always close by but that they can deal with the separation.

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The babywise sleep method and a sleep sak will change your lives too when it comes to better sleeping habits.

Best scenario might look like this: Sleep trained and did the cry it out. Started with letting baby boy cry for 5 minutes, then a few days later moved to 10 minutes. Within two weeks he is sleeping through the night!

Down Time

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