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Exercising During Pregnancy

You have gained a whole bunch of pounds to carry and home your unborn child. You smooth coco butter and anti-stretch mark creams over the bump and now you can barely see your feet.

You wonder if your diet is enough to keep your body healthy and you miss going to the gym like you did regularly pre-bump. Are you motivated to get in some exercises while pregnant? If so, here are a few tips on what we know about exercising during pregnancy.

Here's an exercise routine you can try no matter what trimester you are currently in!

Before and after your workout, make sure to cool down and stretch. Grab your water bottle to stay hydrated.

No weights are required. You can even do exercise without the workout gym equipment.

Make sure to avoid any strenuous exercise in weather that is hot or humid.

Reasons To Get Moving

Perks of exercising during pregnancy include boosting your mood and energy levels. With the new added weight, we know how much energy is being sucked up. If you have been bloating and swelling, exercise can help with that. And if you have been having backaches and/or constipation, you'll notice that exercise helps reduce that too.

Another reason we rave about exercising while pregnant is because we have heard mamas talk about how it quickens the postpartum recovery period.

Consult With Your Doctor

If you may be high risk with your pregnancy, please consult with your doctor about what activities are right for you. Only do moves that feel safe to you and your baby.

After Hours

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