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Diapered & Ready For A Story

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

So we ALL had that one favorite story book that we could not get enough of growing up.

For some, it was The Bernstein Bears, for others it was Corduroy or The Rainbow Fish, and for me personally, it was The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss.

Even before we can remember, our moms and dads read us books morning, noon, and night and we fell fast asleep to their voices. Next, we began getting more interested in the books, the bright colored pages with pictures. We felt the textures of the pages. Then, we grew a little older and wanted to hold the book and could turn the pages ourselves. Time flew and we were sounding out words and getting complete sentences out of our little voices.

One thing is for certain. Mom and I bonded so sweetly during those storybook times.

There's so many activities and tasks to be done and emotions to be felt in motherhood. Fatherhood is special and requires a lot from dads too.

Your baby just had bath time, you opened up a La Flor diaper cake package sitting near the changing counter, got out a diaper, and placed it on her. Now, you swaddle her and place her in your arms as you rock and swivel in your favorite seat in the nursery. You choose The Wonderful Things You Will Be and page 3 she is already snoozing.

Some mommies hold their baby close in their arms while they read while others will place read a story while baby boy or girl lays in the bassinet.

If you are expecting, you can go ahead and start adding baby books and diapers and baby gadgets helpful for mom to your baby registry. If you feel like it, go ahead and pick up a book and read to the little one while he/she is still in the womb. There is a long list of benefits to reading to your baby while carrying. Your child has a better understanding of your voice and the communication of the world helps with his/her brain development.

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