How It All Started

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Theresa and I guess you're wondering what I do for a living! Well, I love to create beautiful diaper cakes. Okay, I am not talking about the cake you eat! You'd be surprised how many times people believe diaper cakes are edible cakes you can stick a fork in. La Flor's diaper cakes consist of diapers including additional baby items such as pacifiers, blankets, thermometers, and whatever else you might think brings out the cake's features.

First, keep in mind that I am in my thirties. I have a daughter named Makayla. Her young 16 year old self inspires me everyday. When I was pregnant with her, someone gifted me a diaper cake full of baby items and plenty of diapers! All of the mothers out there know how many diapers newborns tend to go through the first few months after birth. Having those extra diapers on hand came in super helpful. The cake lasted as décor for less than a week before grabbing for diapers left and right. I fell in love with it as my favorite gift because I got so many uses out of it.

My Very First Cake

One day, I was given an invitation to attend a baby shower for a co-worker of mine. It didn't take a second thought on what the perfect gift would be. A diaper cake, of course! I created my first diaper cake and had so much fun doing it. During the process of creating this gift, I also realized how much of an escape it was from everything else going on. I decided to listen to classical music and I was where I belonged. Over time, I made numerous diaper cakes for friends and even thrown a few events, so I decided that I should do it more for me. I want to share with the world of expecting mothers the experience and excitement I felt upon opening and using my diaper cake.

Along the journey called life, I tried to focus on my business numerous times as my main priority, but it always seemed as if my main 8-5 job got in the way. I took on managerial roles which required 60 plus hours a week. When was I supposed to find the time to put my energy into my business? As time went on, I continued to think thought about creating diaper cakes. I just needed to free up more time to dedicate to making the diaper cakes.

I was never happy doing anything other than making diaper cakes because I realized it was my passion. I must admit, it took me 15 years to finally decide to put what I love to do as a top priority. As a mother, I am determined to be a great role model for my daughter by showing her that she should never stop following her dreams and that I will always be here to support her.

Follow your dreams, too!





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