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Decisions On Diaper Brands

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Many expectant mothers have to decide on which diaper brands they will go with for their newborn baby. Especially if a woman is going to have her first baby, she will need to rely on advice from other mommies on what makes one diaper brand better than the other. Mamas do not take this decision lightly. There are so many different choices! Will you pick Pampers? Will you pick Huggies? Will you have a mixture of the two? Or will you go 100% cloth diaper for your baby?

For most mothers, the decision is not always so easy. They want to make sure that not only is the diaper covering the baby in the best ways. Mamas also look for the diaper brand that has a strong amount of absorbency. It is very important to make sure that the diaper brand she chose does not leave rashes and irritate her baby's delicate skin. What To Expect has put together a great diaper buying guide you can check out too.

Cloth Diaper Pros

Cloth diapers have the advantage of cutting back on waste and money. Being eco-friendly, you do not have to dispose of cloth diapers. Simply toss them in the wash to clean like regular laundry. With regular diapers, most babies will go through about 2,500 diapers in their first year! Woah, that's a lot of stinky trash to take out.

Mommies will ask other mamas all about their experiences with the different brands of diapers. Overall reviews will be based on several qualities- absorbency, quantity and quality of each package, which materials will be most accommodating to the babies skin, as well as cost.

For some moms that have already gone through the diaper phase, it is normal that their first born had a totally different experience with a brand in comparison to their second born.

Standing Behind Our Selection

At La Flor, we use Huggies diapers because we know that as a new parent, Huggies diapers will give your child the best protection along with a great fit for curvature. Products used on our diaper cakes are high quality. You may request a diaper cake made with some cloth diapers added in. You may also request that all diapers on the cake be cloth diapers. We are happy to accommodate. Pricing will vary depending on which type of diapers you would like incorporated in your cake.

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