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Custom, Baby!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Okay, let's all admit that we want our babies to be so, so uniquely special. We think hard on their names, dream of the day of holding them in our arms, and just smile at the thought that one day we will see them take their first steps and say their first words. We get the cutest clothes and are always pulling out the phone to take pictures. You want a new photo shoot every month documenting your little squish getting a few pounds heavier and growing that bright eyed personality.

You want your baby shower to be cute and different from all the rest you've seen on Insta and Pinterest. There's so much great inspo but you want something a little different. What can you get to have a little twist on things and be THE chic and most modern mama in the neighborhood? A La Flor diaper cake, OF COURSE! They're cute, essential, and something you can have customized for your baby.

You can message us or give us a call to discuss a special theme, color schemes, and more. We aim to please. Not knowing the gender of your baby because you want to leave it a surprise? We have got you covered with gender neutral options too. You can expect outstanding customer service, a one of a kind diaper cake, and shipping to your door within a matter of days.

We pride ourselves on providing great customer service where you will always be our number priority. We can't wait to get your order and follow your journey of spoiling babies and making memories. Don't forget to tag us with your diapers from La Flor! #LaFlorBaby

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