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Body Image

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Body image changes throughout each stage of pregnancy and then during postpartum. We get just a little weight gain at first. It could go unnoticed by lots of people. Not much different than a little bloating. Then, the curves become more pronounced. We dollop on body butters to help reduce and combat stretch marks. Do not let your body image affect your mental health.

Taking care of your mental health will take a great amount of love and kindness on your part. Your mix of feelings- worry, fear, depression, anxiety, low levels of energy- are normal and totally okay.

It can be such a challenging time with yourself going through the intense feelings of not being in control under our own skin. First and foremost, we must keep at the front of our minds that it is indeed miraculous what is going on internally. The baby growing day by day feeding from your nutrients is beautiful and natural. Weight gain from new food cravings is common. Want to eat the whole tub of ice cream? Scoop it up!

And after giving birth, so many mothers will still look pregnant. It is your body's time to adjust. You do not need to compare your body to others. Just because your sister lost ten pounds before even going home with her baby, your timing is just a little different. Any time you think of body shaming yourself or feeling like others are staring or judging, think of positive things. You have so much going on. The gym is the last thing you can get to.

Small changes during and after pregnancy such as getting as much rest as you can between nursing and drinking more water is going to help you. On top of getting the right amount of water each day, you can start incorporating healthy meals here and there. More salads, more plant-based options, more lean & protein filled selections will keep your body in good shape. Here are some great foods to eat while pregnant. Mayo Clinic also shed light on nutritious choices for your lifestyle. Light exercise to begin is a great way to adapt. Stretching and yoga might be something you get positive energies from.

Check out this article where Halsey gets candid on her body changes after pregnancy. She explains that giving birth "altered me forever; emotionally, spiritually, and physically" and she is proud and accepting of that.

We encourage you to love your body before, during, and after your pregnancy. Embrace the changes. For further help on body image issues, check out information on it here.

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