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Baby Shower Fun: COVID-19 Free

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We totally understand your concerns over large get-togethers during this pandemic. COVID-19 entered our world in 2019 and hasn't left yet. Many expectant mommies worry that being in larger crowds makes them more susceptible to the coronavirus.

We have put together a few COVID-19 friendly ways to throw a baby shower and not get sick.

Option Numero Uno: Go Completely Virtual

Virtual baby games from the comfort of your home? Heck yeah! Check out these really fun games! Did someone say Pictionary?! Count us in! Zoom invites are easy to send and don't forget sending reminders too. Zoom isn't the only way to video chat either. Other alternatives include Hopin, Meet Now, Google Meet and more.

Get your virtual baby shower invites made here.

Send out a non-alcoholic drink recipe and cheers via Zoom!

Option Two: All Together Now But Socially Distanced

If the weather allows, set up your yard with a bunch of lawn chairs in a circle (each separated by 6 feet, of course). We are happy to say that coronavirus does not transmit as often outdoors compared to confined indoor spaces. Have horderves set up so that guests can use disposable gloves and tongs to pick their treats. Extend the picnic tables to guests so that everyone gets comfortable and can enjoy their time. If you are needing indoor options, check out your more spacious local venues. Rain or shine, it will be a grand time for all those excited for the baby to come.

Drive By- Honk If You Are Ready For Baby! *Beep, beep*

Many families throughout the year have opted for drive by parties for birthdays, graduation, and now baby showers. It is a super twist on a traditional at home baby show we all know and love, but it is a chance to keep safe, celebrate, and give a quick baby gift drop off. Extra kudos if you can pack a cute dish of treats for those swinging by!

Order a diaper cake from La Flor to display your gender reveal at the baby shower and enjoy a creation made just for your little one! Everyone will have all eyes on you unpackaging the cake. We decorate it on the inside with the gender colors hidden in the depths so everyone is surprised! Happy shopping!

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